Hello Tasmania

A cold frosty Devonport morning greeted us as we drove off the Spirit of Tasmania at 6.45am.  We grabbed an overpriced but hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs at a nearby motel before hitting the road Richmond bound.

There were whinges of how cold it felt from our poor Sydney born children but once we were on the road and the car had warmed up, the whinging soon gave way to exclamations of amazement as they stared out the window at field upon field of frosted grass.

frosted grass

The long stretches of straight motorway soon gave way to long, winding sealed roads that lead us into the hills that surround Richmond.  The frost soon burned off, the fields of white giving way to the sight of the tough brown grass that covered the hills.   I am sure as winter fades and the vines spring back to life this area will look amazing.

We arrived at Charles Reuben our new home for the next  six months around 11.30am, after introductions and a brief lunch we moved into the accommodation on the property.  Now the adventure is about to begin.

Chrales Reuben Estate Tasmania