When Paul and I first met he used to tell me all the time how he wanted a farm one day.  I wasn’t so sure, even though I love a good lamb roast I was still uncomfortable about raising sheep knowing they would be sent off to be slaughtered.    One day (after a few wines) a dream we could both agree on was born.

My name is Sara and my husband is Paul we have lived in a number of large cities all our lives.

Paul was brought up in Auckland, however his grandparents were farmers, and he enjoyed spending time on their farm.  Regardless of his city upbringing he yearned for some land of his own.

The vineyard plan came after a weekend away in the Hunter Valley.   We had visited a few cellar doors and chatted with some lovely vineyard operators, and I said to Paul, “You know I don’t want to raise animals but I can see myself living on a vineyard.”   From there the dream was born.

As with most young people, our priorities were to grow up, find a good job and save for the future. Then along came our children (who we love dearly) and life just got busy.

Eleven years have passed since that vineyard trip, in that time we have worked hard bought a place in Sydney raised our children and Paul studied wine business and vineyard management.

Throughout Paul’s vineyard management studies he made a few contacts.   He did some work experience on Charles Reuben Estate in Tasmania.  It turned out the owners Jens and Louise wanted to go to Germany for six months but couldn’t find anyone to look after the vineyard and the estate.   After a lot of discussion we decided it was a great opportunity to see if we would enjoy running a vineyard.

I set out this blog to keep track of our progress.