Port Arthur Lavender Food with a View

Beautiful surrounds lake views and yummy food who could ask for more?

Our time in Tasmania has flown by so quickly it would be remiss of us to leave without getting an opportunity to see some more of this beautiful little island situated at the bottom end of Australia.  So we packed the kids and the in laws into our car and headed toward the historical town of Port Arthur, on the way we stopped at Port Arthur Lavender restaurant for lunch.

Port Arthur Lavender Restaurant and Gift Shop

The owners of the business Clare and Brendon Dean are friends of ours and we have discussed their business and the story behind the building of their business on several occasions; however I was still extremely impressed when I first saw this beautiful modern building that houses Port Arthur Lavender Restaurant and gift shop.  We parked the car and walked into the restaurant and was immediately captivated by this stylish modern restaurant just 5 minutes’ drive from Port Arthur’s most historical location.

Inside to our left are several glass display cases with muffins cakes and treats at one end and ice cream at the other.  Behind the counter the frantic staff were rushed off their feet fixing delicious meals for the packed restaurant.  On the right there was a comfortable black leather couch and table next to a fireplace and on the far side of the restaurant are floor to ceiling windows making the restaurant bright and airy while maintaining a feeling of cosiness.  We took our seat and perused the menu.

I read as far as Seafood Chowder and stopped, I knew there was no point in reading on when my thoughts were on thick creamy soup, my father in law the same.  I am pleased to say that our decision to look no further proved correct.  This creamy bowl of fresh seafood was exquisite.

Seafood Chowder

Paul went for the salt and pepper squid, his mother the scallop bacon and chorizo skewer and the kids decided on a bowl of chips, and lavender milk shakes.   All plates were emptied so that is certainly evidence of quality.  After all that glorious food it was time for a stroll around the lavender gardens to walk some of it off before heading to the Port Arthur historical site.

Scallop bacon and chorizo skewer

Summer is a fabulous time to visit Port Arthur Lavender as the flowers are in full bloom and the sea of purple lavender creates a visual feast especially for those of us who love the colour purple.  The kids loved running up and down the rows while we read the many information boards explaining the types of lavender and the history of the area.

Lavender garden.

After our leisurely walk we visited the shed where the lavender is distilled for the oil.   There is a video which plays continuously which explains the distillation process, and we got the opportunity to smell the oils at different stages of the process.

It was then almost time to get back on the road but we managed a quick perusal of the gift shop where there are a number of lavender products from soaps to cosmetics to food available for purchase.   We bought…yes lavender chocolate, lavender shortbread and lavender honey to take away with us.

Whether you are looking for a place to stop for lunch or just coffee and cake or an ice cream Port Arthur Lavender will certainly delight.

Port Arthur Lavender
6555 Port Arthur Highway
Tasmania 7182

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