A new two story nesting box for the girls

Too many chickens too few places to lay?

We thought that perhaps one of the reasons curly became egg bound was lack of nesting boxes (there were three boxes for 11 chickens) so Paul decided to build some more so that the girls didn’t have to fight over them.   Out the back of our property is a pile of wood planks.   Paul thought some of these would be perfect to create a two story nesting box.

After much measuring, cutting and hammering, a new if slightly rough looking two story nesting box hotel was born.   The intention was to provide 8 new nesting boxes – four  on the top floor and four on the lower floor.  After moving it into the coop we filled it with shredded paper, and for good measure the kids decided to pick up the chooks and put them in their new nesting boxes to see if they liked them.

It turns out the chickens love it, well the last two nesting boxes at the end of the lower floor, which is where they all seem to lay their eggs.   The other spaces and the old nest boxes remain unused.

I did a little research on the matter and found that it is not uncommon for chickens to want to use the same nesting box according to this forum from backyard chickens.

Perhaps Paul didn’t need to build the extra nesting boxes or perhaps the hens will use them in the summer when they are likely to lay more often.  In the meantime at least the girls are happy with two of the nesting boxes.

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