The Neighbours

Living rurally does not mean living in isolation, in fact you rely on your neighbours a lot more than in the city,  therefore one of the first tasks as the new vineyard managers was to attend a drinks session with the neighbours and people who have connections with Charles Reuben Estate.  What a great bunch of people.

Most of the farm owners in this area do not make 100% of their income off their land.  They all have other jobs in the one of the neighbouring towns; however it is abundantly obvious that their passion is their farms and creating their own lifestyle business.

I was intrigued by some of the amazing people and how they created income.  One amazing entrepreneur I met was Clare from Port Arthur Lavender.  As well as growing lavender on her farm and creating products from the oil, Clare owns several other businesses that have grown exponentially in recent years.

Three years ago she added a cafe to her lavender business, so that tourists who stopped by to view the lavender and distillery could have a coffee and a scone.   Little did she know that the business would grow so quickly that within a year she would have to rip out her small oven and install an industrial kitchen.

As well as a thriving lavender business, Clare also runs tourist accommodation as well as being a mum to three children.  Wow I am in awe.  I am looking forward to catching up with Claire again for coffee once school returns.

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