Our Journey from Sydney

We left Sydney 7th July around 5.30pm, already 2 hours behind schedule.   Our plan to lead a simpler less cluttered life but in reality we are still fairly shallow when it comes to hanging on to stuff.  Hence the needed to make a number of unplanned trips to our storage unit to store items we cannot bring ourselves to get rid of.

Just when we believed we had finished ferrying our belongings back and forth to the unit and we were down to a few essentials, we realised that we could still not fit all the remaining items into our Mitsubishi Outlander and had to make yet another trip to the storage unit.

The aim for that evening  was to make it out of the city, on our long car journey to Melbourne and that we did, we got to Goulburn had MacDonalds for dinner  and checked into the very lovely Best Western.

We planned to do no more than four hours driving a day as anyone with young kids knows that to do much more would mean arguments fights and constant whining from the backseat.  On the second day we drove from Goulburn to Wangaretta, with just a short stop at the Criterion Hotel in Gundagai for lunch – I would not recommend – ‘nuff said.

On Sunday we continued to Melbourne.   Just was we were nearing the city we got a call from the Adina Hotels and Apartments in St Kilda asking us why we did not show up last night.  Er we were supposed to be booked for tonight, said Paul.  I checked the paper work and indeed Paul had booked us for Saturday night rather than Sunday.    We asked if they could book us another room they said yes but because we booked through Expedia they can’t refund the previous night.   Fair enough it was our stupid mistake, at least they had a room for us that night.

The staff at the Adina were brilliant, they not only booked us another room at a heavy discount they were so apologetic about not being able to refund us; they upgraded us from a suite to a two bedroom apartment.   Now that’s what I call service Adina and we will be back and we will recommend you to others.

That evening we had a relaxing meal at chez Reid always good to catch up with friends.

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